Welcome to United Screens!

We are a multi platform network, focusing on online video and working with creators, advertisers and rights owners.

We are working with many of the most popular Nordic creators and partners, and YouTube is a big part of our daily lives. We are also working with Twitch, blogs, Instagram, Facebook and more.

United Screens is working hard to be the good guys in the industry, and it should be one of the reasons you’re here. Have a look around, and if you see anything you find interesting, feel very welcome to contact us with questions or inquiries, at hello@unitedscreens.com

Work with us!

We are looking for new team members to join us at United Screens. Read more here.


Are you a creator of online video material and want to know more about how we can help you develop and succeed further? Learn more about what we do here.


We have a talented team of producers who can give you insights of how to optimize your productions for online video. Read more about what we can help you with here.


Are you representing a brand or a company looking to reach out to a widely engaged audience through quality content and influencer marketing? Have a look what we can offer you here.


Are you a rights owner who want to know more what we can do for you and your copyrighted material on online video platforms? Take a look here.

United Screens Creator Studio

The United Screens Creator Studio is an open and free studio. With open studio, we mean that if you’re creating and maintaining content on an open video platform, like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, your blog etc, you’re more than welcome to use the studio space according to your needs – and it’s free. No fees, no costs. It’s completely free of charge!

You don’t have to be partnered with United Screens to use the studio! However, partners will have priority if a reservation conflict occurs.

Read more about United Screens Creator Studio and how to book it here.