juni 22, 2016

djuice in a large creative collaboration with United Screens’ youtubers



This year the Norwegian telecom company djuice is doing their summer campaign “DobbelData” in a unique collaboration with Norwegian youtubers as Noobwork, Stina Bakken, Hanna Martine, Pistolshrimps, PelleK, Violin Noobie and Kong Halvor. djuice, which is a part of the largest telecom company, Telenor, is behind seven exclusive videos within the theme “Norway by summer” and “twice the data”, with a reference to their summer video “Dobbel data, dobbel moro“ where Arne, Bjarne, Turid and their friends are doing summer activities to the sound of Turbonegro “Age of Pamparius”. In total the campaign includes seven videos from the different youtubers, which is published on their YouTube channels as well as their social medias. Behind the campaign is United Screens together with OMD.

The campaign starts today, the 22nd of June, with a video from Stina Bakken, where she is on a, not so fully, romantic job lunch out in the open with her boyfriend PelleK. This video is the first of seven exclusive videos which will be published during the upcoming weeks on the youtubers own channels as well as on djuices’ own channels.

– djuice is celebrating the Norwegian summer with a continuation of our plasticine universe which is directed to young adults. With doing a collaboration with strong personalities on digital platforms, in combination with our established creative concept, we hope to get an impact in our intended target group, says commercial manager Christine Aanestad Henriksen, djuice Norway.

The campaign, which will continue the summer, includes a total of seven original produced videos from some of the biggest youtubers in Norway. Among the participants in the campaign there is youtubers as Noobwork, PelleK and Hanna Martine, as well as comedian youtubers as Kong Halvor and Pistolshrimps. Based on the original produced videos that will be published on the respective youtubers’ channels, there will be YouTube commercials produced to be shown within United Screens premium network on YouTube.

– It’s really enjoyable to see djuice be so forward thinking in their marketing and are doing this summer campaign as a whole by using the largest categories on YouTube, as gaming, lifestyle, music and comedy, says Marie-Louise Alvær, Country Manager, United Screens Norway.

– We’ve noticed that the usage of, what we call, “traditional” bloggers has become a larger and more usual part of a commercial campaign here in Norway. That’s why it’s extra exciting to explore the usage of youtubers and vlogers; a platform that has a great potential and hasn’t, until now, been used as much in Norway in commercial contexts, says Ida Mikaelsen, creative producer, OMD/Resolution Media.

– Further, it was natural and important to us to secure that we were collaborating with influencers that has a high level of credibility and popularity in their respective followings, says Anniken Aas-Jakobsen, senior strategy adviser, OMD Norway. We hand picked youtubers with within a broad spectrum of profiles to maximize the organic reach in many segments within the demographic target group to djuice. That, in combination with distribution of the videos on djuices own channels with clear spill-over effect to the YouTube universe, is an important media technical solution meant to maximize the possible extent in the digital and social eco system.

– We’re very happy to have this trust from such a strong and impressive brand as djuice, and to be a such a big part of their summer campaign is both exciting and inspiring, says Julianne Dragseth, Creative Sales, United Screens.


The first djuice video from the campaign:


Client: Christine Aanestad Henriksen, marketing manager djuice, Telenor Norge
Production: United Screens
Client responsible United Screens: Marie-Louise Alvær and Julianne Dragseth
Media agency: OMD and Resolution v/ Anniken Aas-Jakobsen and Ida Mikalsen
Creative agency: Try

A digital media company working with creators, advertisers and rights owners in producing and distributing online video.

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