juni 28, 2016

MAG5 and United Screens enter partnership for the coming YouTube channels from MAG5 – starting with the hit comedy channel JokeMock


Nordic Hillbillies

Nordic Hillbillies with Klas Eriksson and Alfred Svensson

The digital video production company MAG5 and the largest YouTube network in the Nordics, United Screens, have entered a partnership, which means that all the coming YouTube channels started by MAG5 will be included in United Screens premium network on YouTube. The first channel in this collaboration is the successful YouTube comedy channel JokeMock, where the YouTube stars Klas Eriksson and Alfred Svensson are playing the main characters.

– We’re looking forward to this collaboration with United Screens, they have a good network and have been showing a great knowledge of how to create commercial solutions for YouTube channels. This partnership and collaboration gives us the opportunity to focus on the creative: ideas, script and production, says Magnus Wistam, CEO of MAG5.

The first YouTube channel in this collaboration is the newly launched, highly successful channel JokeMock, which has reached more than 60 000 subscribers and 3.7 million views on its channel less than 3 months after the start. The first series published on JokeMock is Nordic Hillbillies, developed by MAG5 together with the YouTube stars Klas Eriksson and Alfred Svensson, also employed by MAG5.

– Alfred and me are very familiar with United Screens and are happy that they are a part of the launch and build-up of JokeMock, says Klas Eriksson, Media Creator at MAG5.

– It will be very exciting to start working with MAG5, their coming YouTube channels, and not the least, the already so successful JokeMock channel. We’re looking forward to the interesting concepts that MAG5 will bring to YouTube, and the possibilities to help advertisers to find a relevant target group in the coming launches that MAG5 will do, says Nicolin Lillhage, Branded Content Director, United Screens.  

JOKEMOCK on YouTube  


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