september 23, 2016

Samsung and United Screens hosts the first Nordic live stream on YouTube in 360° format


Saturday the 24th of September, Samsung together with United Screens will arrange the first Nordic live stream in 360° on YouTube. The live stream will be from RMH Block Party in Stockholm, Sweden, and the viewers will experience the artists Adam Tensta, Silvana Imam, Michel Dida and Erik Lundin performing live on RMH Sweden’s YouTube channel. It will be the first time ever as a 360° live stream is done in the Nordic countries.

The live stream on Saturday is a collaboration between Samsung and United Screens together with the record label RMH. It’s the first time in Sweden and the Nordic countries that a 360° live stream on YouTube will be done.

– We at Samsung are passionate to break barriers in people’s lives with help of innovative solutions. To get the best spot on a live show by using Gear VR, no matter where you are in the world, is one of many examples of how our product ecosystem enables our users to be first to explore the latest trends and experiences, says Adam Fors, Nordic Marketing Manager, Samsung.

The 360° live stream will let the viewers experience the night of concerts through their mobile, no matter where they are in the world, from the angles they themselves want to see it. The experience will be strongest when the viewers places their mobiles in a VR headset, and through that will have the possibility to look around in 360° with a genuine feeling of being with the audience during the concerts. The different angles can also be operated through a browser on desktop.

The evening will be live streamed in full, with start at 10 PM (CEST) on Saturday evening to the last set that ends at midnight (CEST) on the night to Sunday the 25th of September. During the evening the viewers will be able to see artists such as Adam Tensta, Silvana Imam, Erik Lundin, Cherrie, Michel Dida, Leslie Tay and Nebay Meles.

– It’s super fun to be working with such heavy players as both RMH and Samsung, both are in the front in their guilds, and together be able to deliver this meeting between culture, tech and audience, which is a milestone in Swedish and Nordic scene art. Culture without tech is only culture, and tech without culture is only tech, but together it will be magical, says Georg Herlitz, Creative Director, United Screens.

– I’m really excited to be a part of this technical development! During the live stream on Saturday, not only the music will be available and free to everyone to see, but also the opportunity to experience the gigs through a unique 360° angles are makes Samsung and RMH who are enabling this, edgy partners to work with, says  Karin Ekesiöö, Strategy Director, United Screens.

– We as a cultural movement and management are always striving to be in the cutting edge with how we can enable new experiences for our followers. We always take upon us that the core in our art is DIY based, and when you get the possibility to create with a cutting edge brand, Samsung, we, with our artist can make room for new artistic impressions, says, Babak Azarmi, Creative Manager, RMH Sweden.

Everyone with a smartphone and a internet connection can watch the live stream from 10 PM on Saturday, through RMH Sweden YouTube channel:


Production: United Screens
Client responsible United Screens: Georg Herlitz, Karin Ekesiöö och Nicolin Lillhage
Advertising agency: DDB
PR agency: Wenderfalck and Ebba Lindqvist
Media agency: Starcom


A digital media company working with creators, advertisers and rights owners in producing and distributing online video.

United Screens is the largest YouTube network in the Nordics, with over 350 million views per month and offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki. United Screens focuses on talents and connects creators and brands on online video platforms as YouTube, Instagram, Twitch among a few. United Screens has more than 500 channels and personalities in it’s YouTube network, working with YouTubers such as Sp4zie, Therese Lindgren, PelleK and

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