november 1, 2016

United Screens: The agreement between GEMA and Youtube is great for the artists, musicians, record labels and fans on YouTube

As of today, Tuesday the 1st of November, German Music Rights Collection society GEMA and YouTube/Google have come to an agreement, which comes effective as of today.

This change is effective immediately, and for United Screens Music Network’s partners this deal between GEMA and YouTube is a very positive milestone.

– Many of our partners have a huge following in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, but due to the conflict they have never had the chance for their content to be visible and available for their fans in those territories. With this deal their German, Austrian or Swiss fans will for the first time be able to see and hear the musicians and artists videos on YouTube rightfully, says Jenny Ericsson, Head of United Screens Music Network.

This means that previous content that has been unavailable in Germany, Austria or Switzerland is now available, such as music videos and other content that has contained GEMA repertoire. It’s the first time in seven years that this content will be available for a german audience.

Jenny Ericsson continues:

– And for our partners this will have a very positive effect on the opportunities for European musicians. The German, Austrian and Swiss markets are some of the most importantly markets, both when it comes to reaching audience and business opportunities.

The agreement between GEMA and YouTube affects the entire YouTube community, and also songwriters, composers and music publishers represented by GEMA. First and foremost it will benefit content creators on YouTube, as it will bring more revenue opportunities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

If you want to know more about this, please contact your partner manager or send a mail to


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