mars 31, 2017


During the last couple of weeks many American and British advertisers have pulled advertising from Google Ad Network and Youtube after that being brought to attention that their advertising has been served in inappropriate video environments.  

For the advertisers that are buying their advertisements on Youtube through United Screens, this is not a problem, as United Screens content on Youtube is quality assured and brand safe.

– Media agencies and advertisers who are doing their media buy on Youtube through us at United Screens have secured that their advertising is seen only in our quality-assured video environments on Youtube. Through us, the media buyers get all the positive effects from Youtube with total security, says Nicole Haman, Sales Director on United Screens.

United Screens’ network of channels on Youtube is brand safe, thanks to a selective recruitment process with high requirements. That means advertisers who want to reach the important and large Youtube audience, and still have control of the video environment,s are turning to United Screens for qualitative, assured campaigns.

– As an advertiser, it is important to remember that 400 hours of video are uploaded each minute on Youtube, all year around. Nothing of the video material that are uploaded is previewed. That means that if an advertiser or media agency is doing a broad ad buy directly on Youtube, the ad may be seen in inappropriate video environments, Nicole Haman continues.

– Many of us at United Screens have previously been with Youtube and Google, and already then we noticed that many advertisers were hesitant to buy broadly directly from Youtube because of the risk of inappropriate environment. That was one of the of the reasons that we started United Screens, that we wanted to offer advertisers and media agencies a quality assured, high-reach advertising environment on Youtube, says Nicole Haman, Sales Director on United Screens.

– Already from the start, fall of 2013, we at United Screens have made it our strategy to offer advertisers and media agencies a safe and secure environment on Youtube. That is the foundation of our offering to the advertising market: to create an online video network that is the best premium environment in the Nordics, both in reach and in content, says Malte Andreasson, CEO and co-founder of United Screens.

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United Screens represents 550 Youtube channels which together have 350 million views per month, in a wide range of genres. Among the youtubers represented by United Screens you can find Therese Lindgren, Johan “Matgeek” Hedberg, Chris Whippit, Sp4zie, Wilmas Beauty,, Hazardous, Thomas Sekelius, LakiDoris. Also, United Screens represents many music channels through United Screens Music Network, for example  Frog Leap Studios, PelleK, Raon Lee, TEN Music Group and Zara Larsson.

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