april 7, 2017


During 2016, its third full fiscal year, United Screens increased its yearly turnover to 80.4 million SEK. It’s a growth with 50% compared to the year before. Also, the viewing within the network grew significantly during the year, and United Screens is now the second largest commercial channel in the ages 15-45 years in Sweden, passing TV3 and Kanal 5.

– We’re happy to grow our turnover to 80.4 million SEK during 2016. It’s better than our forecast, and with this turnover we’re increasing our growth to 50%, says Malte Andreasson, CEO and co-founder, United Screens.

– In addition, we also grew our views during the year with 75%, which makes us represent 350 million views per month. When it comes to viewing in Sweden, we now have passed TV3 and Kanal 5 in daily reach in audiences younger than 45, which makes us the second largest commercial channel in Sweden, Malte Andreasson continues.

– During this year we have conducted more than 200 campaigns with advertisers and media agencies, and there is a high demand for our products from the market. Our offerings are entirely in line of what advertisers and media agencies are asking for: branded content with Youtube influencers and quality assured ad space within our premium network on Youtube, says Nicole Haman, Sales Director, United Screens.

– At the moment we notice a high demand from the advertising market as a result of advertisers moving their media investment to where the audience is. At the same time, many new exciting Youtube influencers has joined us during the year. Everything indicates that our growth will continue several years ahead, says Malte Andreasson.

During 2016 United Screens won the award Sales Organisation of the Year, conducted the first VR/360 live stream on Youtube in the Nordics, passed as the first and only Nordic Youtube network 350 million views per month and took the position as market leader among the Youtube networks in the Nordics.


United Screens result
Turnover: 80 400 000 SEK
Result: -2  300 000 SEK
Employees: 39
Youtube channels within United Screens premium network on Youtube: 550

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