oktober 20, 2017

Open House @ United Screens Creator Studio 2 years celebration!

Open House @ United Screens Creator Studio 2 years celebration!

We’re so happy of the warm reception and the huge interest for the last two years for our United Screens Creator Studio, and that we, through our studio, has contributed to you creators important work! We invited creators to come and celebrate with us at Open House @ United Screens Creator Studio with seminars and nice hang with creators! 

During the afternoon, we from United Screens shared or best 7 tips about the topics that often arises when borrowing the Creator Studio:

  • • Lightning session for video or photography
  • • Crisp sound for your video or podcast
  • • Go green screen
  • • Camera tech setup 2.0



United Screens Creator Studio 

Two years ago United Screens started the first – and still only one of its kind in the Nordics – Creator Studio, to help youtubers, influencers and other creators to produce content for open platforms.

Everyone who wants to produce video, podcasts or photos are welcome, whether you are a part of United Screens network or not, and no matter of how established you are. You can easily book through sending a mail to creatorstudio@unitedscreens.com.

Of course  United Screens Creator Studio is totally free of charge to book for you creators who are making non-commercial content!

United Screens Creator Studio is the first open and free studio in the Nordics, located in our offices in Stockholm and Oslo. With open studio, we mean that if you’re creating and maintaining content on an open platform, like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, podcast, blog etc, you’re more than welcome to use the studio space according to your needs – and it’s free. No fees, no costs. It’s completely free of charge!

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