januari 17, 2018

Google today established some new policies about advertising on YouTube

Dear partners,

We want to inform you that today Google announced three new policies and rules for being eligible for advertising on Youtube channels.


These rules follows:

Rule #1: All channels must meet the requirements for YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to have advertising at all (so this is about both Google-booked ads and United Screens own bookings).

Rule #2: To meet the requirements, a channel must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 viewing hours (240’000 minutes) the last 365 days.

Rule #3: All channels that do not meet the requirements will get their YPP agreements cancelled with a 30-day notice period.

This will be evaluated in 30-day increments. If a channel does not meet the requirements, it gets a message like this:
Skärmavbild 2018-01-17 kl. 15.39.00

If the channel reaches the requirements within the 30-day notice period, the cancellation is revoked and everything goes back to normal. If it doesn’t, one out of three things happen.

    1. If the channel is not networked, it loses its monetization and all rights that are tied to monetization, for example the right to make end cards linking to external sites. When it reaches the requirements again, it must apply for a YPP agreement again.
    2. If the channel is networked in a managed network, it will be de-monetized and lose the monetization features. When it reaches the requirements, it will automatically regain the monetization and the monetization features.
    3. If the channel is networked in a standard network, it will be de-monetized and unlinked from the network. To regain its status, it will need to meet the requirements, apply for a new YPP agreement, get this approved, and can then be invited to the network again.

If you have any further questions about these new rules for monetization, you are as always welcome to contact your partner manager.


Best wishes,

Your United Screens team.

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