• United Screens, the largest multi platform network in the Nordics, joins a global MPN group together with StyleHaul and Divimove
    10/09/18 Press Releases

    United Screens, the largest multi platform network in the Nordics, joins a global MPN group together with StyleHaul and Divimove

    United Screens, the largest multi platform network (MPN) in the Nordics, joins a global MPN group together with the American network StyleHaul and European network Divimove, as a result of RTL Groups Total Video strategy. The MPN group will nourish an even stronger collaboration between the different multi platform networks.  

    Earlier this year RTL acquired and invested in United Screens, and now RTL Group develops its Total Video strategy even further. United Screens will be gathered in a global MPN group together with the American network StyleHaul and the European network Divimove.

    – We are very much looking forward to strengthen our relationship with Divimove and StyleHaul by joining this MPN group under RTL Group. We have during the years seen how these two companies are working on their respective markets and I know that we will have much to yield by working even closer with them, says Malte Andreasson, CEO and founder, United Screens.

    The goal is to build a strong global group of digital video companies that are reaching engaged viewers through online video. During 2019 Sean Atkins will become the CEO for the MPN group.


    More information:


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  • 28/05/18 Press Releases


    United Screens, the largest Youtube network in the Nordics, and FremantleMedia, the production company behind Idol and X Factor (among many others), have signed an agreement allowing United Screens to represent and sell some key titles in FremantleMedia’s Youtube advertising inventory in the Nordic countries.

    This non-exclusive agreement excludes content where local agreements are already in place.

    FremantleMedia has an outstanding global network with operations in 31 countries, producing over 11,000 hours of programming a year, rolling out more than 60 formats and airing more than 420 programs a year worldwide.

    FremantleMedia has also built substantial communities around their programming on Youtube, achieving a total of 26 billion views and 57 million subscribers across 296 channels in 2017. Those channels offer brands the chance to advertise in a premium environment to a large audience. By this agreement, United Screens will represent a selection of this inventory and offer it to advertisers in the Nordic countries, together with the United Screens premium advertising offer.

    – We are proud to partner with United Screens in the Nordic territories to offer brands the opportunity to advertise, in a quality and brand-safe environment, around our content on Youtube, says Samantha Glynne, Vice President, Branded Entertainment, FremantleMedia.
    – We’re excited to include FremantleMedia’s TV productions in our offering to advertisers on Youtube in the Nordics. FremantleMedia is a highly appreciated and well renowned production company in all the Nordics, and its productions are a very high-value advertising environment, says Malte Andreasson, CEO and co-founder, United Screens.




    Jessica Westin

    Head of Communications, United Screens


    +46 70 279 21 10

    Caroline Cook

    Head of Corporate Communications, Fremantle Media


    +44 7799071509

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  • 23/02/18 Press Releases


    On Sunday night Norway’s biggest music gala Spellemann (corresponding to Grammy Awards) takes place, and one of the artists performing is the Norwegian artist and Youtube giant Alan Walker. In addition to performing live, Alan Walker will also do a unique live stream on his Youtube channel, with interviews, after the opening live show, which will be available globally for all his fans and more than 12 million subscribers. The live stream is produced by United Screens and is a collaboration between NRK and MER Recordings.


    Alan Walker has the largest Youtube channel in the Nordics, seen to views per month. The famous artist, dj and producer has reached more than 3.5 billion views on his channel. On Sunday night he will perform the opening act on Norway’s biggest music gala Spellemann, where he is nominated in two categories. In addition, he will for the first time live stream his performance on his Youtube channel, making Spellemann available around the globe for Alan Walkers 12 million dedicated subscribers. In addition there will be interviews and aftertalk after his show.

    – Alan is very excited to not only open the show at Spellemann this year, but also to provide a great live performance experience for his fans all around the globe. Fans will also get an exclusive glimpse from behind the scenes, so make sure to tune in at 8PM CET on Sunday, says Yonas Aregai from MER


    – We are extremely pleased to have Alan Walker open our show on Sunday. His success world wide is really astounding and it is a pleasure to be able to deliver his Spellemann-performance live to all his fans across the globe, says Stian Malme, NRK.

    – We’re happy to help Alan Walker, his team and NRK to reach out worldwide with Alan Walkers performance at Spellemann, to show the world how great the Norwegian music scene is. This shows how innovative Alan Walker, his team, NRK and Spellemann are in order to make the world closer through digitalization, says Christoffer Söderstjerna, United Screens.



    The live stream will start 8 PM (CET) at Sunday the 25th of February on Alan Walkers Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/alanwalkermusic. NRK will broadcast the gala on its linear and play channels.



    Yonas Aregai
    Manager and partner, MER Recordings
    +47 406 33 595


    Jessica Westin
    Head of Communications, United Screens
    +46 70 279 21 10

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  • 17/01/18 Press Releases

    Google today established some new policies about advertising on YouTube

    Dear partners,

    We want to inform you that today Google announced three new policies and rules for being eligible for advertising on Youtube channels.


    These rules follows:

    Rule #1: All channels must meet the requirements for YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to have advertising at all (so this is about both Google-booked ads and United Screens own bookings).

    Rule #2: To meet the requirements, a channel must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 viewing hours (240’000 minutes) the last 365 days.

    Rule #3: All channels that do not meet the requirements will get their YPP agreements cancelled with a 30-day notice period.

    This will be evaluated in 30-day increments. If a channel does not meet the requirements, it gets a message like this:
    Skärmavbild 2018-01-17 kl. 15.39.00

    If the channel reaches the requirements within the 30-day notice period, the cancellation is revoked and everything goes back to normal. If it doesn’t, one out of three things happen.

      1. If the channel is not networked, it loses its monetization and all rights that are tied to monetization, for example the right to make end cards linking to external sites. When it reaches the requirements again, it must apply for a YPP agreement again.
      2. If the channel is networked in a managed network, it will be de-monetized and lose the monetization features. When it reaches the requirements, it will automatically regain the monetization and the monetization features.
      3. If the channel is networked in a standard network, it will be de-monetized and unlinked from the network. To regain its status, it will need to meet the requirements, apply for a new YPP agreement, get this approved, and can then be invited to the network again.

    If you have any further questions about these new rules for monetization, you are as always welcome to contact your partner manager.


    Best wishes,

    Your United Screens team.

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  • 08/01/18 Press Releases



    Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish versions of this announcement can be found further down.



    We are happy to announce that United Screens has been acquired by the RTL Group, a global leader in online video which is majority owned by Bertelsmann, one of the world’s largest media companies. This acquisition and investment gives us at United Screens the substantial additional resources to grow and develop even faster, and allows us to accelerate our Youtube and multi-platform network together with all our creators, partners and clients of United Screens network.  

    Malte Andreasson, CEO and co-founder:

    – We’re happy that RTL Group shares our high ambitions for the future, and that we with this investment and new alliance will keep growing the business together for the coming years. At United Screens, we will continue striving for the best for our creators, partners and clients.

    – The most exciting about this is that we will continue to do exactly what we’ve been doing for years now: changing the media landscape! That meaning that we are changing the premises for creators and advertisers to work with online video.

    RTL Group is a leader in broadcast, content and digital, and United Screens will represent the Nordic market. Its portfolio includes multi-platform networks such as Berlin-based Divimove and LA-based Stylehaul. RTL Group has been owner of the production company FremantleMedia in Sweden for many years. We are proud to become part of such a great family. We will continue to work as an independent company, meaning that our daily business will continue just as usual with the United Screens-team, which remains the same.

    With the investment we at United Screens continue to focus on developing our Youtube and multi platform-presence, develop data-driven systems for creators and clients and enhancement of the service for partners within the network. We are truly happy to have you joining on our exciting future journey together!

    – We want to thank Bonnier Ventures, that believed in our idea and provided us with early-stage backing, for the cooperation during the first four years of our journey, says Malte Andreasson, CEO and co-founder, United Screens.

    If you have any questions regarding this acquisition and investments, you are, as always, more than welcome to contact us at United Screens:
    Malte Andreasson, CEO & co-founder, malte@unitedscreens.se
    Jessica Westin, Head of Communications, jessica@unitedscreens.se
    Sami Törmä, Country Manager Finland, storm@unitedscreens.com
    Mano Rashidi, Country Manager Norway, mano@unitedscreens.com


    We wish you all a great start of 2018!

    Your friends at United Screens

    Swedish version


    Vi är glada att meddela att United Screens har blivit förvärvade av RTL Group, ett världsledande företag inom online video, som är majoritetsägt av ett av världens största medieföretag, Bertelsmann. Investeringen och förvärvet kommer att ge oss på United Screens ytterligare stora resurser att växa och utvecklas ännu fortare, och möjligheten att accelerera våra Youtube- och multi-plattform-nätverk tillsammans med våra kreatörer, partners och kunder till United Screens nätverk.

    Malte Andreasson, VD och medgrundare:

    – Vi är glada att RTL Group delar våra höga ambitioner för framtiden, och att vi med denna investering och nya allians kommer att tillsammans fortsätta växa affärsverksamheten de kommande åren. På United Screens kommer vi att fortsätta sträva efter det bästa för våra kreatörer, partners och kunder.

    – Det mest spännande med detta är att vi kommer fortsätta göra exakt det vi gjort de senaste åren: fortsätta förändra medielandskapet! Vi på United Screens kommer att fortsätta arbeta för er som ett oberoende och självständigt företag, vilket innebär att vår dagliga verksamhet kommer fortsätta precis som tidigare med samma United Screens-team som förblir detsamma.

    RTL Group är ledande inom broadcast, content och digitalt, och vi på United Screens representerar den nordiska marknaden. Deras portfolio innehåller multi-plattform-nätverk såsom Berlin-baserade Divimove och Los Angeles-baserade Stylehaul. I Sverige har RTL Group under flera år varit ägare av produktionsbolaget FremantleMedia. Vi är stolta att bli en del av en så bra och stor familj. Vi på United Screens kommer att fortsätta arbeta som ett independent och självständigt företag, vilket innebär att vår dagliga verksamhet kommer fortsätta precis som tidigare med samma United Screens-team som förblir detsamma.

    Med investeringen så kommer vi på United Screens att fortsätta att fokusera på att utveckla vår Youtube- och multi-plattform-närvaro, utveckla datadrivna system för kreatörer och kunder samt förstärka servicen för partners inom nätverket. Vi är otroligt glada att ha er med oss på vår spännande resa framåt!

    – Vi vill tacka Bonnier Ventures, som trodde på vår idé och försåg oss med stöd i ett tidigt stadie, för samarbetet under de första fyra åren av vår resa, säger Malte Andreasson, VD och medgrundare, United Screens.


    Om du har några frågor kring förvärvet och investeringen, är du välkommen att höra av dig till och kontakta oss på United Screens:

    Malte Andreasson, CEO & co-founder, malte@unitedscreens.se
    Jessica Westin, Head of Communications, jessica@unitedscreens.se


    Vi hoppas ni alla har haft en bra start på 2018!

    Dina vänner på United Screens

    Norsk versjon


    Vi er glade for å dele nyheten om at United Screens har blitt ervervet av RTL Group, et verdensledende selskap innen online video, som er majoritetseid av et av verdens største medieselskap Bertelsmann. Investeringen og ervervet kommer til å gi oss i United Screens ytterligere ressurser å vokse og utvikle våre produkter og tjenester enda raskere, og muligheten til å øke vår Youtube- og multi-plattform-nettverk sammen med våre kreatører, partnere og kunder.

    Malte Andreasson, CEO og grunder:

    – Vi är glade for at RTL Group deler våre høye ambitioner for fremtiden, og at vi med denne investeringen og nye alliansen sammen kommer til å vokse vårt kommersielle virksomhet de kommende årene. På United Screens kommer vi til å fortsette å jobbe mot å levere det beste for våre kreatører, partnere og kunder.

    Mano Rashidi, Country Manager Norge:

    – Det aller mest spennende med detta er at vi kommer til  fortsette å gjøre  nøyaktig det vi har gjort de seneste årene: Nemlig å  fortsette å  forandre medielandskapet. Det betyr at vi er med å forandre premissene for hvordan kreatører og annonsører jobber sammen når det kommer til online video og utnytter de mulighetene som finnes.

    RTL Group er ledende innen broadcast, content og digitalt, og  United Screens representerer det nordiske markedet. Deres portefølje inneholder multi-plattform-nettverk som Divimove i Berlin og Stylehaul i Los Angeles. I Sverige har RTL Group under flere år vært eiere av produksjonsselskapet FremantleMedia. Vi er stolte av å bli del av en såpass bra og stor familie. Vi på United Screens kommer til å fortsette å jobbe som et selvstendig selskap, hvilket innebærer at vår daglige virksomhet fortsetter som før.

    Med investeringen så kommer vi på United Screens til å fortsette å fokusere på å utvikle vår Youtube- og multi-plattform-nettverk, utvikle innsikt og datadrevet systemer for kreatører og kunder, samt forsterke servicen vi tilbyr våre partnere idag.

    – Vi vil samtidig  takke Bonnier Ventures, som trodde på vår idé og støttet oss i en tidlig stadiet, for samarbeidet under de første fire årene av vår reise, sier Malte Andreasson, VD och grunder, United Screens.


    Om du har noen spørsmål rundt ervervet og investeringen, er du  velkommen til å ta kontakt med oss på United Screens:

    Mano Rashidi, Country Manager Norge, mano@unitedscreens.no
    Malte Andreasson, CEO & co-founder, malte@unitedscreens.se
    Jessica Westin, Head of Communications, jessica@unitedscreens.se


    Vi håper dere har hatt en fantastisk start på 2018!

    Hilsen alle oss på United Screens


    RTL Group, yksi maailman johtavia online-videoyhtiöitä, on ostanut United Screensin. RTL Group on osa Bertelsmannia, joka puolestaan kuuluu maailman suurimpiin mediayhtiöihin. Yrityskauppa ja RTL Groupin investointi luo United Screensille entistä paremmat mahdollisuudet palvella verkostonsa sisällöntuottajia ja asiakkaita.   

    Malte Andreasson, United Screensin toimitusjohtaja ja perustajaosakas:

    – Olemme iloisia, että RTL Group uskoo meihin ja näkymiimme näin vahvasti, ja että tämän investoinnin ja nyt syntyvän yhteenliittymän myötä voimme kasvaa entistä vahvemmin. Tulemme United Screensillä jatkossakin työskentelemään aina sisällöntuottajien, kumppanien ja asiakkaidemme parhaaksi.

    – Ehkäpä hienointa tässä on se, että saamme jatkaa juuri sitä missä olemme hyviä. Yhdessä muutamme pohjoismaista mediakenttää, mutta entistä vahvempana, suuremmilla resursseilla ja aiempaa useamman henkilön voimin myös Suomessa. Voimme tukea kumppaneitamme myös kansainvälisesti, sanoo Sami Törmä, United Screensin Suomen maajohtaja.

    Saksalainen RTL Group on johtava broadcast- ja digitaalinen sisältöyhtiö, ja United Screens liittyy nyt edustamaan konsernia Pohjoismaissa. RTL:n portfolioon kuuluu muitakin multi-platform -verkostoja, kuten berliiniläinen Divimove ja losangelesilainen Stylehaul. RTL Group omistaa Suomessa tuotantoyhtiö FremantleMedian. United Screens toimii jatkossakin itsenäisenä yrityksenä, joten sen päivittäinen toiminta jatkuu tavalliseen tapaan.

    Investoinnin avulla United Screens kasvattaa toimintaansa Youtubessa ja muilla alustoilla, kehittää dataohjattuja järjestelmiä sisällöntuottajille ja asiakkaille ja parantaa palvelutasoa verkostonsa kumppaneille.

    – Kiitämme Bonnier Venturesia, joka uskoi ideaamme ja tarjosi meille alkuvaiheen tukea neljän ensimmäisen toimintavuotemme aikana, Malte Andreasson sanoo.


    Mikäli haluat kysyä lisää, otathan meihin yhteyttä:

    Sami Törmä, Country Manager Finland, storm@unitedscreens.com
    Malte Andreasson, CEO & co-founder, malte@unitedscreens.se
    Jessica Westin, Head of Communications, jessica@unitedscreens.se

    Tämän myötä toivomme kaikille oikein hyvää alkanutta vuotta 2018!

    United Screensin tiimi

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    29/11/17 Press Releases


    With more than 2.7 billion views on his Youtube channel, Alan Walker is a Youtube giant. The Norwegian artist, DJ and producer behind the hit singles Faded, Alone and Sing me to sleep now teams up with the Youtube network United Screens to further develop his Youtube presence.  

    Alan Walker has made a huge impact on the traditional music scene, after releasing his hit single Faded, which has more than 1.3 billion views on Youtube (only counting his own channel). Instead of traditional release of his music, Alan Walker has from his first releases opened up for fans to use his producing, videos and masters in user generated content (UCG) on Youtube, compared to traditional label strategy shutting such fan videos down. A factor in Alan Walkers success on Youtube was the gaming community using his music in gaming content, generating the spread of his music early on in his career.

    Now Alan Walker and his managements MER Recordings and Bad Taste Empire sign with the Youtube network United Screens to manage Alan Walker’s Youtube channel and music rights.

    – Alan Walker’s story, and the whole foundation of his artistry, is based on his connection with his dedicated fans. Everything started on YouTube, from his first introduction to music production, and his initial releases as a 15 year old kid in Bergen. Throughout his successful transition from a bedroom producer to an artist on the world stage, Youtube has maintained its importance for Alan, both as a platform for communication and interaction with his fans, as well as a brilliant marketing tool. Therefore, it is motivating to partner with United Screens, who share our desire and ambition to develop and build Alan’s platform further. We already now see an improvement in viewing and audience development after starting our collaboration with United Screens. United Screens has shown a great knowledge and understanding on how to work successfully with music content on Youtube, and we’re looking forward to further develop our collaboration, says Yonas Aregai, Manager and Partner, MER Recordings.

    Alan Walker’s channel is the biggest in Norway. With ”Faded” he became one of the first DJs and producers to pass 1 billion views globally on Youtube and that video was also announced as being one of the top 10 most viewed dance music videos ever by Youtube earlier this year.

    – We are so happy to have started this collaboration with Alan Walker, MER Recordings and Bad Taste Empire, as they are prominent players on the Youtube music scene. Alan Walker is not only a world class artist, DJ and producer, Alan and his team are also very successful with how to truly engage the Youtube community and have been and still working as a native youtuber on the platform. We are looking forward to achieve even more success for Alan Walker on Youtube together with the skilled teams on MER Recordings and Bad Taste Empire, says Christoffer Söderstjerna, Creative Director, United Screens.



    Yonas Aregai
    Manager and partner, MER Recordings
    +47 406 33 595


    Jessica Westin
    Head of Communications, United Screens
    +46 70 279 21 10

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    17/11/17 Press Releases


    Four years after its start, United Screens has reached 100 million SEK in turnover for 2017, with one month left of the year . The increase in turnover is a result of an increase in views within the United Screens premium network and a strong rise in clients that are moving their ad spend to online video from linear TV.

    – We’re happy to have passed the milestone 100 million SEK in turnover for 2017, with one month left. We have already now surpassed our own budget, says Malte Andreasson, CEO and founder, United Screens.

    – Thanks to a large viewing and high reach on the channels in our premium network, and that many advertisers and agencies  have redeployed their advertising investments from linear TV to online video. Some of the advertisers that have found reach outside linear TV and have been working effectively through online video are Libresse, Libero, Unionen Egenföretagare and BingoLotto, says Nicole Haman, CCO, United Screens.

    – In addition, we have passed 500 million views per month in our premium network, a result of an increased growth in the channels within our network, but also an influx of new channels, Malte Andreasson continues.

    United Screens turnover for 2016 was 80.4 million SEK.



    Jessica Westin
    Head of Communications, United Screens
    +46 70 279 21 10

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  • Open House @ United Screens Creator Studio 2 years celebration!
    20/10/17 Press Releases

    Open House @ United Screens Creator Studio 2 years celebration!

    We’re so happy of the warm reception and the huge interest for the last two years for our United Screens Creator Studio, and that we, through our studio, has contributed to you creators important work! We invited creators to come and celebrate with us at Open House @ United Screens Creator Studio with seminars and nice hang with creators! 

    During the afternoon, we from United Screens shared or best 7 tips about the topics that often arises when borrowing the Creator Studio:

    • • Lightning session for video or photography
    • • Crisp sound for your video or podcast
    • • Go green screen
    • • Camera tech setup 2.0



    United Screens Creator Studio 

    Two years ago United Screens started the first – and still only one of its kind in the Nordics – Creator Studio, to help youtubers, influencers and other creators to produce content for open platforms.

    Everyone who wants to produce video, podcasts or photos are welcome, whether you are a part of United Screens network or not, and no matter of how established you are. You can easily book through sending a mail to creatorstudio@unitedscreens.com.

    Of course  United Screens Creator Studio is totally free of charge to book for you creators who are making non-commercial content!

    United Screens Creator Studio is the first open and free studio in the Nordics, located in our offices in Stockholm and Oslo. With open studio, we mean that if you’re creating and maintaining content on an open platform, like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, podcast, blog etc, you’re more than welcome to use the studio space according to your needs – and it’s free. No fees, no costs. It’s completely free of charge!

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  • 15/08/17 Norge , Press Releases


    Mano Rashidi

    Today, Mano Rashidi starts as Country Manager for United Screens Norway. Mano Rashidi be responsible for United Screens’ Norwegian operation, which includes a team of eight. Prior to joining United Screens, Rashidi was Commercial Director on Widespace.







    United Screens, the largest influencer and online video network in the Nordics, started its operation in Norway in February 2015, and is working with 500 Youtube channels and more than 350 million views per month in its network, from offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki.

    Mano Rashidi is now taking over the role from acting Country Manager Karin Ekesiöö, who has returned to the Stockholm office. Rashidi will lead the daily operations, and among other things further develop United Screens commercial offering to the Norwegian market.

    – I’m really glad to start as Country Manager for United Screens Norway. Since a couple of years, I’ve followed the Norwegian development for influencer marketing, and United Screens has excelled exceptionally. First of all with the strong focus on brand safe content to meet the clients’ interest, but also with innovative campaigns with media agencies, advertising agencies and advertisers. It’s exciting to see the market’s demand for influencer marketing the last couple of years, and also notice how the Youtube influencers has professionalised, which makes me believe the market for influencer marketing and United Screens has a tremendous potential for development on the Norwegian market, says Mano Rashidi, Country Manager Norway, United Screens.

    Today, United Screens represents many of the largest Norwegian influencers within the online video segment, among others PelleK, Frog Leap Studios, Pistolshrimps, Noobwork, Stina Bakken, Kong Halvor and Cornelia Grimsmo. Furthermore United Screens has done many successful campaigns in Norway, in 2017 for example with brands as Coca-Cola, Hasbro, Telia och Ellos.

    – We’re very happy to have Mano in the role as Country Manager in Norway. During our two and a half years of operation in Norway, we’ve seen a huge interest from media agencies, clients and the market at large for our commercial offering. I’m certain that Mano is the right person to develop United Screens even more in the Norwegian market, says Malte Andreasson, CEO and founder, United Screens.

    – I’m looking forward to be a part of United Screens’ Norwegian team, that has shown huge engagement, knowledge and interest to implement and carry out trustworthy and effective influencer marketing campaigns with youtubers and online video influencers, says Mano Rashidi, Country Manager Norway, United Screens.

    For further information, please contact:

    Mano Rashidi
    Country Manager Norway, United Screens
    +47 917 69 845

    Jessica Westin
    Head of Communications, United Screens
    +46 70 279 21 10

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  • 11/08/17 Press Releases


    United Screensin liiketoimintaa Suomessa ryhtyy vetämään Sami Törmä. Törmä on aiemmin työskennellyt Schibsted Media Groupilla ja Googlella.

    United Screens on Pohjoismaiden suurin YouTube-videoverkosto eli ns. Multi Channel Network. Se on perustettu vuonna 2013 Ruotsissa, ja Suomessa yhteistyö mainostajien, brändien ja mediatoimistojen kanssa alkoi vuoden 2015 alkupuolella. Törmän tehtäviin kuuluu nyt kehittää United Screensin palvelutarjoamaa edelleen suomalaisten brändien ja mainostajien tarpeisiin ja tuoda Suomen markkinoille parhaita paloja muualta Pohjoismaista. Törmä toimi aiemmin Schibsted Media Groupin Tori.fi:ssä markkinointi- ja viestintäjohtajana.

    – Olen vaikuttuneena seurannut United Screensin toimintaa sen perustamisesta saakka. Samalla olen saanut aiemmin mainostajabrändinkin edustajana todistaa YouTube-kulttuurin kasvua ja sitä, kuinka aivan erityislaatuinen suhde sisältöä tuottavien ja heitä seuraavan suomalaisen yleisön välillä on, Törmä sanoo.

    – Suomen markkinalla on runsaasti kasvunvaraa, kun mainostajat ja brändit toden teolla havahtuvat online-videon ja vaikuttajien kanssa tuotettujen sisältökonseptien voimaan. On kiinnostavaa olla mukana rakentamassa kasvua, kun ala kehittyy edelleen ja esimerkiksi live-streamaus yleistyy ja YouTube laajenee myös musiikki- ja audio-alustana. Samalla varttuneemmankin polven tubettajia alkaa ilmestyä kuvaan, eivätkä maiden rajat enää määrittele yleisöä. Tämä tiimi on jo vuosien ajan kartuttanut kokemusta erittäin onnistuneesta kaupallisesta yhteistyöstä mainostajien ja tubettajien välillä, Törmä jatkaa.

    – Samin tulo United Screensille osuu erittäin hyvään ajankohtaan. Siirtymä offlinesta entistä vahvemmin onlineen luo suuria mahdollisuuksia, ja median käyttö muuttuu voimakkaasti. Olemme toimineet Suomessa vuodesta 2015 ja uskomme, että markkina jatkaa erittäin voimakasta kasvua. Tulemme palkkaamaan Suomeen useampiakin uusia työntekijöitä, United Screensin toimitusjohtaja ja perustaja Malte Andreasson sanoo.

    United Screensin YouTube-verkostossa on yli 500 tubettajaa ja 350 miljoonaa katselukertaa kuukaudessa. Vuonna 2016 United Screensin liikevaihto oli Pohjoismaissa yhteensä 8.3m euroa. Suomen verkoston tubettajia ovat mm. Thomas Böckerman, A-Lapset ja Mauton. Muita Suomessa suosittuja United Screensin tubettajia ovat esimerkiksi norjalainen PelleK ja ruotsalainen Katrin Berndt.


    Sami Törmä
    Country Manager Finland, United Screens
    +358 50 357 8442

    Jessica Westin
    Head of Communications, United Screens
    +46 70 279 21 10

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