• 18/05/16 Press Releases

    United Screens’ sales team awarded Sweden’s Best Sales Organisation prize by Stockholm Media Week

    PRESS RELEASE MAY 18th, 2016


    The United Screens sales team have been awarded the prize Best Sales Organisation 2016 by Stockholm Media Week, arranged by Swedish Media Agencies.


    The winner of the prize Best Sales Organisation 2016 was awarded today at Stockholm Media Week. The winner was United Screens, with this motivation from the jury:

    In a reality where media buys based on data and tech are a large and growing part, every sales organisation must adapt to the developments in the market, which this year’s winner has done with flying colors. With curiosity, while focusing on the client’s business, they contribute both to content and creativity in an excellent manner. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all … on YouTube?

    – Since we started, we’ve had a focus on cooperation with media agencies, and this makes us even more happy about today’s award. I’m overjoyed to share it with my fantastic colleagues at our sales department, says Nicole Haman, Sales Director, United Screens.

    – Our sales grew by more than 150% last year, and we now offer more than 250 million monthly views in our premium network, from more than 500 creator partners. We can clearly see that the demand from the market just keeps growing. Some of our latest clients, that we’re happy to start working with now, are companies like Veet and Zenith, Planti and IUM, and Ellos, says Nicole Haman, Sales Director, United Screens.

    – I’m incredibly impressed that our sales team gets this award, just 2.5 years after we launched. To us, this is a really a clear message that we have something very important to offer the market. Also, I think it’s a sign of the times that this award, for the first time ever, is given to a purely online media company, says Malte Andreasson, CEO of United Screens.


    For the award Best Sales Organisation 2016, five media sales organisations were nominated. The nominees have created great value for advertisers, and strengthened and simplified the work of media agencies. Also, for a long time, they have carried out their assignments with innovation, efficiency and customer care.

    Nominees for Best Sales Organisation 2016:
    Clear Channel
    United Screens

    Jury selecting the winner of Best Sales Organisation 2016:
    Alireza Tajbakhsh, OmnicomMediaGroup
    Anna Hjalmarsson, Zenithmedia
    Malin Johansson, 3Kronor Media
    Patrik Gullmander, Maxus
    Sofia Olsson, Scream Mediabyrå

    Stockholm Media Award is awarded in five different prize categories: Best Campaign, Best Advertiser, Best Media Agency, Business Personality of the Year, and Best Sales Organisation. The winners are awarded at Stockholm Media Week.

    Earlier winners – Best Sales Organisation:
    2015 Expressen
    2014 MTG TV
    2013 Smartclip
    2012 Aller Media
    2011 Spotify
    2010 MTG TV
    2009 Svenska Dagbladet
    2008 MTG Radio
    2007 Kanal 5
    2006 Kanal 5
    2005 Metro

    A digital media company working with creators, advertisers and rights owners in producing and distributing online video.

    United Screens is the largest YouTube network in the Nordics, with over 250 million views per month and offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki. United Screens focuses on talents and connects creators and brands on online video platforms as YouTube, Instagram, Twitch among a few. United Screens has more than 500 channels and personalities in it’s YouTube network, working with YouTubers such as Sp4zie, Therese Lindgren, PelleK and GTboard.com.

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  • 28/04/16 Press Releases

    Joachim “Noobwork” Haraldsen, one of Norway’s largest youtubers, signs with United Screens

    PRESS RELEASE April 28th, 2016

    Joachim Haraldsen, the creator behind one of the largest Norwegian language  YouTube channels, Noobwork, has now decided to join the largest YouTube network in the Nordics, United Screens.

    Joachim Haraldsen

    On his Youtube channel, Noobwork, Joachim Haraldsen has more than 140,000 subscribers, enjoying his gaming related material. Mostly he does “let’s play” videos from various games, but also different type of vlogs to give his fans a sneak peek into his everyday life – which is not so average anymore. For the second time, and two years in a row, has Joachim earned the title “Gaming channel of the year” at the yearly Norwegian YouTube award show Gullsnutten. In addition to this, Joachim is known for participating in the tv reality show “Diktaturet” at NRK, the YouTube documentary Deg, Meg og YouTube which is available on VGTV and the YouTube channel YouTube Documentaries, and for launching the gaming magazine “Mineworld” earlier this winter.

    Joachim works with his channel full time since he established it in early 2013 and was previously signed with the American network Machinima, but Joachim has now decided to move his channel to United Screens. With the transition to United Screens, Joachim will be able to put even more energy and resources into his work to grow even further with his channel.

    – It’s very important for me and my channel to operate on a strong, Nordic platform where I can meet like-minded youtubers who also make a living of gaming on YouTube. It will make it easier for me to learn from them as they often have a trick or two up their sleeve, says Joachim “Noobwork” Haraldsen.

    – I chose United Screens because they give me the freedom I need for my channel, and they also have an enormous range of youtubers in their network and a wide international contact base. It feels good to be part of a Norwegian and Nordic network after being part of an American network for three years, finally I’ve found a network in Norway that fulfills my needs and I’m looking forward develop my channel together with them, says Joachim “Noobwork” Haraldsen.

    – The change of network will be very positive for me, and it will improve coordination with my management Norgesexpo. I will now be better positioned for doing both my international and Norwegian activities more professionally, which will be a great benefit for both my sponsors and my fans – they are always my first priority, says Joachim “Noobwork” Haraldsen.

    Joachim Haraldsen continues:

    – I’m looking forward to continue my work and provide good content to my fantastic viewers, and to discuss with United Screens and their youtubers how to make more and even cooler videos for my channel!

    – Joachim is a veteran in the Norwegian YouTube-community. We’ve already worked with Joachim on several projects and he’s very professional. We’re looking forward to work even closer with him in the future, Marie-Louise Alvær, country manager, United Screens Norway.

    – Our office in Norway has been up and running for a year now, and it’s more than two years since we started working with Norwegian youtubers. Even if we have been working with several of the most influential youtubers in Norway for some time now, the agreement with Noobwork is a very important step for us, says Malte Andreasson, CEO and co-founder, United Screens.


    Facts Joachim ”Noobwork” Haraldsen

    Name: Joachim Haraldsen
    Age: 23 years
    Lives: Oslo, Norway
    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MissHellman/
    Subscribers: 141 500
    Started: 14 March 2013
    Total number of views: 68,5 million views


    A digital media company working with creators, advertisers and rights owners in producing and distributing online video.

    United Screens is the largest YouTube network in the Nordics, with over 200 million views per month and offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki. United Screens focuses on talents and connects creators and brands on online video platforms as YouTube, Instagram, Twitch among a few. United Screens has more than 500 channels and personalities in it’s YouTube network, working with YouTubers such as Sp4zie, Therese Lindgren, PelleK and GTboard.com.

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  • 22/03/16 Press Releases

    Four big Swedish vloggers to United Screens – Evelina Forsell, Moa Murderess, Katrin Berndt and Klara Elvira join the premium network

    PRESS RELEASE, MARCH 22nd, 2016

    Evelina Forsell, Katrin Berndt, Klara Elvira, Moa Murderess

    Row 1, from left to right: Evelina Forsell, Katrin Berndt Row 2, from left to right: Klara Elvira, Moa Murderess

    Four Swedish youtubers, Evelina Forsell, Moa Murderess, Katrin Berndt and Klara Elvira, have joined the United Screens YouTube network during the last weeks.

    The four YouTube creators, who have more than 650 000 subscribers on their channels together, have now chosen United Screens as their YouTube network. The mutual thing for these Swedish youtubers is that they are creating and publishing content in English on their channels, that their content is lifestyle inspired and has a large audience in both Sweden and globally.

    – They are four of the absolute best Swedes in the genre. It’s a big honor and also a big opportunity for us that they’ve chosen United Screens as a partner, says Malte Andreasson, CEO and one of United Screens’ founders.


    Evelina Forsell, 20 years old, has 271 000 subscribers on her channel. Evelina has been active on YouTube just over a year, as she started her channel as a senior-year school project, when she studied to be a stylist. Her videos are mainly focusing on makeup and beauty, and she does all her content in English.

    – I’ve chosen to join United Screens to have closer contact with other people who are working with YouTube, and also to grow my channel and receive help from United Screens, who are pros on the platform YouTube. My goal is to take my channel to a new level and through United Screens get a deeper look into the business and also get help with useful tools to work with in order to grow on YouTube, says Evelina Forsell.


    Moa Murderess, 21 years old, has worked with her two YouTube channels more than two years. The larger channel, with 129 000 subscribers, is in English, and Moa mostly does lifestyle content, such as vlogs and beauty but also videos dealing with subjects such as  sexual orientation and animal rights. Earlier, Moa has been in another network, but has decided to join her two channels to United Screens.

    – I chose United Screens as I have heard so much good about their network! Both from friends and other youtubers. I’m so happy about the change and feel that this will be able to help me and my channel, and that the change will affect me positively. With the help that I get from United Screens, I will learn a lot, says Moa Murderess.


    Katrin Berndt, 22 years old, has been active two years on her YouTube channel that she started after she became a popular blogger. Now she has more than 126 000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, where the viewers can watch videos in English that include everything from vlogs from her daily life and home styling tips to discussions about self-esteem and beauty both on the outside and the inside.

    – It feels great to have taken the next step for my YouTube channel by joining United Screens. It was a natural step in the right direction and the thing that attracted me the most was the “hands-on” approach that United Screens has. They are very present and helpful, which I appreciate. Already, only after one week, it feels like this will get my creatorship to the next level, says Katrin Berndt.   


    Klara Elvira, 19 years old, is running two YouTube channels. The largest, with 75 000 subscibers, has been active since 2012. The content, all in English, is mostly beauty and lifestyle oriented, a interest that Klara Elvira has had since she was young. She started doing YouTube videos after she’d been blogging when living abroad, and wanted a challenge for herself and try YouTube out when she had moved back to Sweden.

    – My goal has long been to make my channels to more than only one hobby and try to reach my full potential on YouTube. After I’ve changed network to United Screens I feel that this is been important and good for me, as I now know that I always have someone to turn to when it comes to questions regarding YouTube, and I’m always met by big engagement and interest. Now I look forward to that day where I can start working with my channels as a full time job, says Klara Elvira.


    Facts Evelina Forsell

    Name: Evelina Forsell
    Age: 20 years
    Lives: Värmdö, Sweden
    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MissHellman/
    Subscribers: 271 000
    Started: Spring 2015
    Evelina Forsells most viewed video:
    The Power of Makeup – 3 700 000 views
    Skärmavbild 2016-03-22 kl. 18.07.30


    Facts Moa Murderess

    Name: Moa Murderess
    Age: 21 years
    Lives: Stockholm, Sweden
    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MoaMurderess


    Subscribers: 129 000 & 55 000
    Started: 2014
    Moa Murderess most viewed video:
    GRAVID! – 410 000 views
    Skärmavbild 2016-03-22 kl. 18.10.01


    Facts Katrin Berndt

    Name: Katrin Berndt
    Age: 22 years
    Lives: Motala, Sweden
    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Katrinberndt/
    Subscribers: 126 000
    Started: 2014
    Katrin Berndts most viewed video:
    Stealing A Tattoo – 649 000 views
    Skärmavbild 2016-03-22 kl. 18.10.50


    Facts Klara Elvira

    Name: Klara Elvira
    Age: 19 years
    Lives: Brighton, originally Lund
    Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/KlaraElvira


    Subscribers: 75 000 & 6 500
    Started: 2012 & 2014
    Klara Elviras most viewed video:
    Babyliss Curl Secret ♡ First Impression & Review – 1 200 000 views
    Skärmavbild 2016-03-22 kl. 18.11.39



    United Screens is the largest YouTube network in the Nordics with more than 200 million views per month and offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki. United Screens focuses on talents and connects creators and brands on online video platforms as YouTube, Instagram, Twitch among a few. United Screens has more than 450 channels and personalities in it’s YouTube network. United Screens are working with youtubers as Sp4zie, Therese Lindgren, PelleK and GTboard.com.

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  • 03/03/16 Press Releases

    The YouTube star Robbaz joins United Screens


    One of the absolute biggest youtubers in Sweden, Robbaz, has now joined United Screens YouTube- and multi channel network.


    Robert Öberg, or Robbaz, as he is known as on the internet, is 24 years old and comes from Northern Sweden. Robbaz is one of the biggest youtubers in Sweden with more than 1.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Earlier Robbaz was connected to an American network, but has now chosen to join United Screens.

    – Robert has been at YouTube for a long time, and it shows by the large and dedicated audience that he’s got. It’s prestigious to have a cooperation with one of Sweden’s largest and oldest channels! It’s also great that he’s got a series that is called “Cooking With the Kock” – a culinary experience in the Swedish kitchen if any, says Niclas Lundberg, executive YouTube producer at United Screens.

    Robbaz has been active on YouTube since August 2008 and works full time with his YouTube channel. On his channel, Robbaz publishes videos where he first and foremost plays different sorts of games and comments in a humoristic way. He also publishes other kinds of videos, among others he cooks and brews beer, something that connects with his three year high school education in restaurant and hotels. On his YouTube channel, Robbaz has more than 6 million views per month. He is also active on the live streaming platform Twitch, where his latest stream got more than 700 000 views.

    – I chose United Screens because they are a network that really cares about us creators, they build a community and look after your needs. In other networks you can easily become one among many others, but at United Screens they work more active and helpful at the very beginning. It makes it easier for me as a creator to relax and create content, as I know that they are there for me when I need, says Robbaz.

    – It will be a huge difference for me to join United Screens, as I previous was in an American network. Foremost it will be easier as they are working the same times as me, and I will get help or answers to any questions while I’m awake. Maybe I will even see the sun during the dark winter, as it won’t be any time difference between me and my partner manager at United Screens, says Robbaz, and laughs when he adds:
    – Now I only need to adjust my routines so I start waking up at the morning again.

    Facts Robbaz
    Run by: Robert Öberg, 24 år
    Started: 8 augusti 2008
    Number of subscribers: 1 280 000
    Total number of views: 305 000 000


    3 of Robbaz most viewed videos

    GTA 5 – Tsunami Mod, The Pretty Mermaid


    Minecraft – Titanic Disaster

    Minecraft – Fully Functional Jet Airliner



    Top 10 Swedish YouTube channels with most subscribers

    Nr Channel Number of subscribers Network
    1 PewDiePie 42,560,072 Maker
    2 AviciiOfficialVEVO 8,785,375 Vevo
    3 Top10Memes 2,112,877
    4 SkillTwins 1,788,763
    5 Keralis 1,620,043
    6 Robbaz 1,284,616 United Screens
    7 Battlefield 1,268,542 (company channel)
    8 TeamMojang 1,241,660 (company channel)
    9 Anomaly 1,011,241
    10 Sp4zie 1,010,306 United Screens

    Källa: Vidstatsx, hämtad 3 mars 2016


    Top 10 Swedish YouTube channels with most views

    Nr Channel Total number of views Network
    1 PewDiePie 11,367,835,428 Maker
    2 AviciiOfficialVEVO 2,979,921,897 Vevo
    3 Warner Music Sweden 376,467,440 (company channel)
    4 Sp4zie 326,301,170 United Screens
    5 adrianisen 315,023,706 United Screens
    6 TeamMojang 308,176,144 (company channel)
    7 Robbaz 305,704,943 United Screens
    8 Keralis 281,935,902
    9 GTBOARD.com 279,902,325 United Screens
    10 Willcraft Animations 259,489,527

    Källa: Vidstatsx, hämtad 3 mars 2016

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  • 23/02/16 Press Releases

    United Screens more than doubles its turnover in 2015


    During 2015, in its second full fiscal year, United Screens increased its yearly turnover to 54 million SEK. It’s a increase with 157% compared with the previous year (2014).


    – We are very happy to increase the turnover to 54 million SEK. We aimed at and budgeted to double the turnover, and now that we increase with as much as 157%, we see it as proof that our offer to the market is attractive, says Malte Andreasson, one of the founders and deputy CEO of United Screens.

    – Even better for the future is that we reached our highly set viewership goals for 2015, which means that we had more than 200 million views per month at the end of the year, twice the number from a year earlier, says Malte Andreasson.

    – It’s evident that branded content and online video have become an important part of communications strategies during 2015. That is exactly what we offer the market and the explanation of our big increased turnover, says Nicole Haman, Head of Sales on United Screens.

    – We’ve seen a very high demand for our two core products, that is branded content campaigns with youtubers and ad space within our premium network on YouTube, where we offer international, Nordic, national and local ads, says Nicole Haman.  

    – We have a high demand from the ad market, at the same time as many new exciting youtubers are joining us. For that reasons we are sure that the growth will continue in the future, says Malte Andreasson.

    During 2015 United Screens established offices in Helsinki, Finland, and Oslo, Norway.


    United Screens financial statements 2015
    Turnover: 53 900 000 SEK
    Result:               19 000 SEK
    Employees:               32

    YouTube channels in United Screens premium network on YouTube: 450
    Number of views in United Screens premium network on YouTube:    200 million views/month (December 2015)


    United Screens is the largest YouTube network in the Nordics with more than 200 million views per month and offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki. United Screens focuses on talents and connects creators and brands on online video platforms as YouTube, Instagram, Twitch among a few. United Screens has more than 450 channels and personalities in it’s YouTube network. United Screens are working with youtubers as Sp4zie, Therese Lindgren, PelleK and GTboard.com.

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  • 27/01/16 Press Releases

    United Screens delivers Nordic content to Spotify through a cooperation with Maker


    United Screens delivers Nordic video content to Spotify’s video platform in a cooperation with American network Maker Studios. A number of United Screens Nordic youtubers’ video content will be available also through Spotify.


    – It’s a really great opportunity for our creators to have their video content on Spotify’s platform as well. We’re very pleased to help our creators with this, and at the same time happy to provide Spotify with good Nordic video content through our cooperation with Maker, says Ludvig Wallrup, legal, partner manager and in charge of the syndication operations at United Screens.

    Ludvig Wallrup continues:
    – Maker came to us and asked us for a certain kind of video content in the Nordic languages for their big collaboration with Spotify. We put together a premium package of approximately 200 videos with varying content for Spotify’s video platform.

    – We see it as a great opportunity for newly-started video platforms which are in need of good and moving content. This solution is called syndication, and we think that the demand for syndication solutions similar to this one will grow in the future, says Malte Andreasson, co-founder and deputy CEO, United Screens.

    Malte Andreasson continues:
    – This is an extension of our collaboration with Maker Studios, which has been ongoing for more than a year and been very appreciated from both parts.


    United Screens is the largest YouTube network in the Nordics with more than 200 million views per month and offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki. United Screens focuses on talents and connects creators and brands on online video platforms as YouTube, Instagram, Twitch among a few. United Screens has more than 450 channels and personalities in it’s YouTube network. United Screens are working with youtubers as Sp4zie, Therese Lindgren, PelleK and GTboard.com.


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  • 12/10/15 Press Releases

    Bonnier makes further investment in United Screens

    Since its start 24 months ago, United Screens has established itself as the leading multi-channel network in the Nordics, with over 170 million monthly views and expansion into other Nordic countries.

    With over 380 content partners in the network, United Screens today serves customers with advertising and branded content campaigns on all relevant platforms and social media, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

    Among channels in the United Screens partner network are Therese Lindgren, STHLM Panda, Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time, Sp4zie, Keela, ImAnderZel, Wilmas Beauty, Figgehn, Julia Westlin, Klas Eriksson and GTboard.com.

    – Our growth is still incredibly fast. In May, we had already surpassed last years full-year turnover, and we will exceed all viewing and turnover targets and more than double both these parameters. Going forward, we will in this phase prioritize growth, not profit, and the new investment will be used for further expansion, to handle the explosive development in the online video business, says Stina Honkamaa Bergfors, CEO and co-founder of United Screens.

    – The growth in online video is, if possible, even stronger than expected, and the position and growth rate United Screens has established in this short time is impressive. We’re looking forward to an even deeper cooperation and strongly believe in this company’s development, says Ulrika Saxon, CEO of Bonnier Growth Media.

    Bonnier Growth Media now invests more in United Screens andbara att raises its stake in the company. Two of the founders, Malte Andreasson and Stina Honkamaa Bergfors, also expand their ownership. Two founders, Oscar Höglund and Jan Zachrisson, leave the company and their co-ownership after today’s agreement.

    United Screens:
    United Screens is the largest YouTube network in the Nordics, with over 170 million monthly views. United Screens’ focus is partners and talent, specialising in online video, advertisning, branded content solutions and digital copyright. United Screens has more than 380 channels and personalities in its network, among them YouTube stars such as Sp4zie, Therese Lindgren, PelleK and GTboard.com.

    Bonnier Growth Media:
    Bonnier Growth Media (BGM) is an investment company within the media group, investing in digital media companies in high-growth sectors. BGM’s portfolio of growth companies has a combined turnover of 2 billion SEK, with 12 companies in seven countries. www.bonniergrowthmedia.com

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  • 03/02/15 Press Releases

    United Screens Finland has launched in Helsinki

    Finland, like Sweden, is a leading country in the development of online video. Finnish media consumers are watching YouTube and other online video platforms to a very high extent. There is a great need and interest among the Finnish advertisers to reach out with their advertising on YouTube and to the Finnish YouTube audience. In line with the exploding online video development, United Screens Finland has now launched in Helsinki.

    Satu Hurme, Head of Sales (Finland)

    Satu Hurme, Head of Sales (Finland)

    United Screens is the largest MCN (Multi-Channel Network) in the Nordics, with more than 80 million views a month. The YouTube network successfully launched in Sweden 2013 and now has hundreds of channels in its premium network.

    The Finnish company United Screens Finland will help the Finnish advertisers to reach the already large, and rapidly growing, YouTube audience with both premium ad space and campaigns including product placements.

    – It is great that we have an advertising offer for Finnish advertisers, we can already see a big interest from Finnish companies. We already have clients who are running their first advertising campaigns in our network, says Satu Hurme, Head of Sales at United Screens Finland.

    – We are very happy to have a cooperation together with Klok, which is a strong and well-established Finnish company and the best possible partner for United Screens. Klok is a leading online video agency and they are savvy about the Finnish market. They have been working on and with YouTube for a long period of time and were one of the driven organizers behind the successful TubeCon for YouTubers in Hartwall Arena last autumn, says Malte Andreasson, deputy CEO, United Screens

    Read more about United Screens Finland:
    Article in Kauppalehti
    Article in Marmai

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  • 17/10/14 Press Releases

    United Screens creates advertisement alliance with Maker Studios

    The largest Multi Channel Network in the Nordics, United Screens, has made a cooperation agreement with the largest Multi Channel Network, Disney owned Maker Studios. With this agreement, United Screens offers the biggest viewership on online video in the Nordics.

    One-year-old United Screens, headquartered in Stockholm, has created a far-reaching cooperation agreement where United Screens will be responsible for all viewing on Disney owned Maker Studios channels in the Nordics. The cooperation will make United Screens’ commercial offering the biggest in the Nordics for online video, with almost 80 million ads showing per month.

    – We have chosen United Screens as our Nordic partner because of their strong position, both among creators and advertisers in the region. With this agreement in place, United Screens will deliver a strong alternative for Nordic advertisers, in their current and urgent situation to reach the consumers when linear TV viewership continues to decline, says René Rechtman, President International, Maker Studios.

    – It’s interesting to see how the viewership in our own network after one year is as big as the Swedish commercial broadcasters’ VOD channels counted together, says Samuel Andersson, strategic sales manager on United Screens, with many years experiance as advisor regarding TV and web-TV advertisment on a media agency.

    United Screeens has many of the biggest and fastest growing YouTube-stars from the Nordic countries in their network, among others Sp4zie, Therese Lindgren, PelleK och Pistolshrimps.


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  • 19/09/14 Press Releases

    Nordics Next YouTube Star 2014 is elected

    More than 1000 contributions from four countries have been submitted to the contest Galaxystories.com to be Nordics Next YouTube Star 2014. Today the winner got elected: It’s the norweigan Helle Aakesen, or HelleMyLady as she call herself on YouTube, who are the winner of a professional YouTube production and coaching from many of United Screens established YouTubers to get a kick start on YouTube.

    The winner Helle Aakesen is 23 years old, lives in Oslo and works as marketing director since 1 year. She has a big interest for new technology and is passionate about social media. The jury, which has consisted of established YouTubers, representatives from Samsung as well from United Screens, fell for Helles creativity and her obvious passion for YouTube. The motivation states:

    Helle presents a great amount of inspiriation in her videos. Her personality and style have the capacity to attract a wide audience, and her ambitious creativity gives her the potential for a great future on YouTube – therefore is Helle our winner in the Galaxy Stories competition.

    – I am incredibly happy to have been picked as the winner of the galaxystories competition. I am looking forward to working and learning from the best, as his is an incredible opportunity that I feel very lucky to have been handed. I can’t wait to start the production, says the winner Helle Aakesen.

    – The quality on the contributions in the competition has been high and it’s clearly evident that many of the creators are fun and creative, says Marko Nurmela, Vice President Marketing and Communications, Samsung Electronics Nordic AB.

    – It’s been fun that we’ve been greeted with such commitment in this competition. People who run a YouTube channel know how much time and energy it takes to create something valuable, and there is constantly more people showing up with interesting and exciting ideas for the platform, says Niclas Lundberg, Jury President for the competition Nordics’ Next YouTube Star 2014 and executive producer at United Screens.

    The jury consisted of: Niclas Lundberg, United Screens, Jury President and front figure in the third biggest YouTube channel Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time, Jonas Ring, YouTuber with the channel Sp4zie, Rasmus Klaustrup, YouTuber with the channel FifaRalle, Per Fredrik Åsly, YouTuber with the channel PelleK, Christer Larsen & Stian Hafstad, YouTubers with the channel PistolShrimps, Emma Cedell, Media Manager, Samsung Electronics Nordic, Marko Nurmela, Vice President Marketing and Communications, Samsung Electronics Nordic and Stina Honkamaa Bergfors, ceo and founder of, United Screens.


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