United Screens launches the first Swedish and Nordic music network on YouTube

During this year United Screens has become the largest YouTube network in the Nordics, with more than 250 million views per month. Now, the 9th of June 2016, United Screens launches “United Screens Music Network”, the first dedicated music network on Youtube. “United Screens Music Network“ will work closely to artists, labels and other music and management companies on YouTube and help them to handle and optimise digital rights and copyrights, advertising solutions like branded content as well as payment solutions and paid subscriptions such as YouTube Red. Jenny Ericsson, who has been with United Screens since the start 2013 and earlier at TV4, is Head of Music and in charge of “United Screens Music Network”.

From left: Jenny Ericsson, Amanda Silver Christoffer Söderstjerna, Georg Herlitz

– It’s very exciting to now launch and start a dedicated music network on YouTube, which also is the first of its kind in Sweden and the Nordics. We’ve seen that YouTube and other online video platforms are increasingly important for musicians, artists, music- and management companies and labels, says Malte Andreasson, CEO and co-founder, United Screens.

United Screens started its YouTube network during autumn 2013. After 2,5 years United Screens has more than 500 content creators and YouTube channels within its network, which generates more than 250 million views per month on YouTube, which makes United Screens the largest YouTube network in the Nordics. In the network there is a width of all kinds of content creators, from lifestyle and fitness, to cooking, gaming and music. Music as a category is the largest category in total on YouTube. To face the growing need and request of competence on YouTube within the music category, United Screens is launching “United Screens Music Network” today, the first Swedish and Nordic music network on YouTube.

– YouTube has stated that they have paid out a total of 3 billion dollars to the music industry up until April this year. Many believe that this income only is a fraction of what the music industry really can earn through YouTube. And we know that by working smart with rights managemen on the platform and through a careful manual work on the technical developed platform, musicians, artists, labels and other rights owners can increase their income significantly. There is a number of artists and labels that earlier didn’t earn anything on their music on YouTube, but after starting to work with us they increased their income to five digit numbers, says Jenny Ericsson, Head of Music, United Screens.

United Screens Music Network will from start include a hundreds of partners, among others Zara Larsson, Alesso, Bob Hund, Ten Group, Refune, PelleK and Frog Leaps Studio.

United Screens Music Network will among other things work with the management of musicians, artists and other right owners’ digital rights and copyrighted material on YouTube, through Content ID and rights management. It involves a practical work with rights claims on a global level, settlement of conflicts and manual handling of individual rights of the individual rights owners’ material.

– Content ID is a technical solution on YouTube, when used correctly, allows a rights owner either to prevent their material to be uploaded as copies and to have their material monetized to YouTube. One of the reasons why so many artists, labels and other music companies has sought out us is that we already from the beginning pointed out the important work there is to do regarding music on YouTube and through Content ID. We are currently the only YouTube network in the Nordics that handles Content ID rights on all seven levels, says Jenny Ericsson, Head of Music, United Screens.

– The demand for expertise in Content ID is huge and growing rapidly, and especially in the music industry. Several media outlets, as well Swedish, as Nordic and global, has recently written about the problem that YouTube doesn’t cater to the the rights owners needs within the music industry, and ultimately that artists and musicians doesn’t get paid for their music, as they who are managing the artists’ rights doesn’t work with the rights management in an optimal way, says Georg Herlitz, Creative Director, United Screens.

– We have already a close cooperation with STIM in place, which means that our artists can count and generate impressions in countries which equivalent to STIM doesn’t have agreements in place with YouTube. One of these countries is Germany, which is a major market for many musicians, says Jenny Ericsson, Head of Music, United Screens.

United Screens Music Network will also work to build commercial partnerships for musicians and artists with brands and advertisers.

– The demand from advertisers we work with to make branded content campaigns with musicians and artists is large, and we have already made around 20 campaigns with musicians and artists. For example we’ve recently launched a campaign with Carlsberg/Pripps Blå Klass 1 and the artists Little Jinder and Rebecca & Fiona. We’re looking forward to further develop opportunities to make impactful campaigns together with musicians and advertisers, says Christoffer Söderstjerna, Creative Sales, United Screens.

– It’s not only music videos that we are working with, we also develop music channels’ entire content and creates deeper contact with the audience that can be described as fans, which also are the people who, for example, will buy merch from the artist and go on concerts with the musician. This makes a great foundation for better cooperations with brands and advertisers, as well as additional revenue streams for the artist or musicians, says Georg Herlitz, Creative Director, United Screens.

In addition to the work with music- and video rights and commercial collaborations, the channels included in United Screens Music Network is prepared for the launch of YouTube Red, YouTube’s paid service, which will be launched in the Nordic countries during 2016.

– YouTube Red will launch in the Nordic countries already this year, and will, if handled correctly, provide additional revenue streams to musicians and other youtubers on the platform. One of the largest and most important work we’re doing right now is to ensure that our partners’ YouTube channels are adapted to suit YouTube Red, says Jenny Ericsson, Head of Music, United Screens.

– It’s becoming more and more imoprtant with several revenue streams for the ones living as a musician or artist today. In addition to YouTube Red, we have through a close collaboration with YouTube, which has certified us in the most advanced parts of YouTube’s Content ID and Rights Management, already helped several of our partners with YouTube’s advertisment-free payment function. This has resulted in a large increase of revenue for many of the channels we work with, says Christoffer Söderstjerna, Creative Sales, United Screens.

All channels included in United Screens Music Network will also be helped out with establishing of YouTube channels, releases, distribution of the artists’ music and access to United Screens Creator Studio.

– Our United Screens Creator Studio has already been used a number of times for recording of music videos and material for albums, which is really fun to see!, says Georg Herlitz, Creative Director, United Screens.

– One of the most exciting and important questions right now is how other online video platforms will work with musicians and online video. We are now reviewing different solutions on how artists can oversee their rights on Facebook and other platforms, says Jenny Ericsson, Head of Music, United Screens.


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