About United Screens

Nordics' leading online video network

Who we are

United Screens is a digital media company and online video network that is part of RTL Group. We are the largest online video network in the Nordics, both in terms of watch time and in terms of turnover and financial results. Today we have Nordic presence, with our headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden.

At United Screens we believe in the power of online video. Each week, 29 million ads are shown within our premium network on Youtube. We are truly passionate about what we do and to make our clients reach their desired target audience. Interested in what we’ve done? Take a look at our recent influencer marketing cases!

What we do

Founded in 2013, United Screens connects premium influencers and creators with world leading clients through effective AdSpace campaigns on Youtube and creative influencer marketing, on all online video platforms. With our own production team, we do also help advertisers and brands to produce innovative marketing materials and productions.

Hundreds of the largest influencers and creators in the Nordics are connected to our network and we help them to exceed to their next level, both regarding content strategy, Youtube advertise revenue and influencer marketing campaigns. Since the start, we have carried out more than 1000 campaigns for many prominent brands together with our influencers and creators.

United Screens Music

The demand for expertise and knowledge about music and rights on Youtube has continued to grow and in the end of 2018, we launched United Screens Music as an affiliated company to United Screens. United Screens Music is a music company working towards the music industry and right owners with their Youtube presence, online video strategies and digital rights.


To connect influencers, creators and artists with clients through online video advertising and influencer marketing, on all online video platforms.


To be the largest online video network in the Nordics and lead the development within influencer marketing and video advertising online!

Our offerings

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Some of our influencers

Janita K

Vendela Nilsson

Tone Sekelius

Johnny Edlind

Jävligt gott

Spartan Girls