Ninjas in Pyjamas winner in CS:GO

Ninjas in Pyjamas winner in CS:GO

Ninjas in Pyjamas winner in CS:GO United Screens

Swedish e-sport team Ninjas in Pyjamas won the prestigious ESL One tournament in CS:GO this Sunday, the 17th of August, after an exciting final against the Swedish team Fnatic.

Ninjas in Pyjamas, or NiP as they are called online, started their team the year 2000. Earlier NiP had the cult player HeatoN in their Counterstrike team, which is the game NiP has the most success and titles in. HeatoN is now coach for the winner team in the ESL One-tourment.

The final in the ESL One-tournment was played adjecent to the gaming convention Gamescom in Cologne. Earlier this year NiP have done great success with their YouTube channel, which affilliated with United Screens, where they are uploading both videos from their CS:Go games and vlogs from the players in the team.

The final between NiP and Fnatic was aired live on Twitch, and was after the result stood clear uploaded on the official channel of ESL. Watch the game here.
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