MediaMarkt initiates collaboration with gaming youtubers

MediaMarkt initiates collaboration with gaming youtubers

MediaMarkt initiates collaboration with gaming youtubers 700 500 United Screens

In a new influencer marketing campaign which launched today, MediaMarkt takes advantage of two well-known youtubers to pay attention to its wide range of gaming products and services. Two of Sweden’s largest youtubers in the gaming category, Jonas ”Sp4zie” Ring and Tobias ”Tejbz” Öjerfalk, will guide their viewers through MediaMarkt’s product range in their vlogs. The campaign is executed in collaboration with United Screens.

MediaMarkt’s new influencer marketing campaign includes videos from two of Swedens’ biggest gamers, Sp4zie and Tejbz. The focus is MediaMarkt’s wide range of products and services. In the campaign, aimed at a target audience interested in gaming, the product range will be humorously approached by the two gaming profiles.

– We have a wide range of gaming products and it is therefore natural to collaborate with Sp4zie, Tejbz and United Screens. We know that a big part of our gaming target audience is reached through this type of channels and that’s why we have chosen to be included in two of Sweden’s biggest gaming channels and their vlogs. Both Sp4zie and Tejbz stand for a fun and engaging content and we look forward to following the results of the campaign, says Anna Olofsson, Digital Marketing Manager at MediaMarkt Sweden.

– MediaMarkt is a brand that has always been at the forefront when it comes to innovative advertising, and therefore it feels perfect to use gaming youtubers like Sp4zie and Tejbz, whom can talk to the gaming target audience in a committed and engaging way, says Olivia Lindahl, Client Manager, United Screens

Sp4zies video on Youtube
Tejbz video on Youtube

Campaign start:
29th november 2018

Orderer of the campaign:
Anna Olofsson, Digital Marketing Manager, MediaMarkt Sweden
Jonathan Segerberg, Social Media Specialist, MediaMarkt Sweden

Collaboration partner:
United Screens

MediaMarkt Client Managers:
Olivia Lindahl & Belinda Olsson, United Screens


Isabelle Landersten, Communications Associate, United Screens,
+46 (0)707 93 81 00

Jenny Pedersén, Corporate Communications Manager MediaMarkt Sverige,  
+46 (0)8 555 02 400