Alan Walker pass 20 million subscribers on his Youtube channel

Alan Walker pass 20 million subscribers on his Youtube channel

Alan Walker pass 20 million subscribers on his Youtube channel 1080 1349 United Screens

Today the Youtube gigant Alan Walker reaches the milestone of 20 million subscribers to his Youtube channel, which makes his channel the 20th most subscribed artist channel on Youtube.

Alan Walker is one of the most influential artists on Youtube, where his channel containing music videos of his hit singles Faded, Alone and Darkside, the documentary series “Unmasked” and many more content has gained more than 5.3 billion views only on Youtube. Today he pass 20 million subscribers on his Youtube channel.

– I am so happy to reach this important milestone on Youtube. It’s so rewarding to have the close connection to my fans and followers on Youtube, as they are giving instant love and feedback through comments, likes and shares. I want to take this opportunity to send a big thank you back to my community of “Walkers” on Youtube! This couldn’t have been done without you, says Alan Walker.

During the last week Alan Walker released his debut album “Different World” as well as been featured on Youtube Spotlight as the first Norwegian ever with the series “We are Walkers”. Since Alan Walker started working with United Screens in November 2017 his Youtube channel has grown with 10 million subscribers.

Alan Walker’s channel is the biggest in Norway. With ”Faded” he became one of the first DJs and producers to pass 1 billion views globally on Youtube.

Alan Walkers’ Youtube channel:


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Alan Walker’s “Faded” is currently the 25th most-viewed video on Youtube of all time and one of less than 30 music videos in Youtube history to reach 2 billion views.

Walker’s official artist channel has over 20M subscribers, making him the top 20 most-subscribed artists on Youtube.

Alan Walker is a top 50 most-viewed artist in the world on YouTube this year, amassing over 2.7B views since the start of 2018.

Alan’s top viewed songs of 2018 include:



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