United Screens continued its strong revenue growth in 2019

United Screens continued its strong revenue growth in 2019 2560 1707 United Screens
  • Full-year revenue of United Screens was up by 15 per cent to 143 million SEK
  • In 2019, RTL Group – shareholder of United Screens – invested a further 80 million SEK in the company to boost the implementation of United Screens’ new strategy and growth plan

In April 2019, RTL Group appointed Natalie Tideström Heidmark as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Nicolin Lillhage as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of United Screens. With the mission to combine efficiency and growth, the new leadership team developed United Screen’s new strategy ’Efficient Growth’ which was presented mid-summer, together with new business and development plans.

“It’s very enriching to work in a larger environment alongside RTL Group. The investment of 80 million SEK from RTL Group was key to implementing our new strategy and business plan. We made several substantial investments during 2019 to strengthen our position as market leader in online video and influencer marketing,” says Natalie Tideström Heidmark, CEO of United Screens. She continues: “We invested in business intelligence, IT, tech solutions and the launch of United Screens Music. These were imperative for further improving the service for our talents and clients. By the end of 2019 we had seen immediate results.“

The new strategy has resulted in continued strong revenue growth in 2019. The revenue grew 15 per cent year on year, to 143 million SEK.

“The fourth quarter of 2019 was the best quarter for United Screens so far, and we finished the full year 2019 with record revenue. This trend continued into the first quarter of 2020 with another ‘all-time high’,” says Nicolin Lillhage, COO and Deputy CEO. She continues: “We saw a huge interest from advertisers and clients in 2019, which is carrying on in 2020. We are entrusted by market-leading clients to conduct effective and efficient influencer marketing and advertising campaigns. Our clients include brands such as adidas, Nintendo, Carlsberg, Libero and numerous media and advertising agencies.”

One part of the new strategy is to integrate United Screens’ activities with Divimove to establish Europe’s largest digital studio and talent network. Natalie Tideström Heidmark is a part of the international management team at Divimove. In July 2019, RTL Group announced the combination of Divimove and United Screens.

Tobias Schiwek, CEO of Divimove, says: “Over the past 12 months we have successfully made major steps, together with United Screens, to create and establish Europe’s strongest online video powerhouse. We are setting up the right infrastructure and investing in our product portfolio, tech and ad solutions, in order to present a strong offer to our clients, advertisers and talents.”

United Screens Annual Results for 2019

Revenue                       143m SEK
EBIT                              – 44m SEK
Investment                   80m SEK

Key Figures for 2019

7 947 000 000   Total number of video views

715                        Total number of campaigns on Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok

511                        Total number of influencers/channels


About United Screens

United Screens is a digital media company and online video network that is part of RTL Group. United Screens is the largest online video network in the Nordics. Founded in 2013, United Screens connects premium influencers and creators with world leading clients through effective advertising on Youtube and creative influencer marketing, on all online video platforms. Through United Screens production team, the company offers advertisers and brands production of innovative marketing materials and productions. Hundreds of the largest influencers and creators in the Nordics are connected to our network and United Screens help them to exceed to their next level, both regarding content strategy, Youtube advertise revenue and influencer marketing campaigns. Since start, United Screens has carried out more than 3000 campaigns for many prominent brands together with influencers and creators.


About Divimove

Divimove is a new-generation media company that is part of RTL Group, with more than 250 employees at its offices in Berlin, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Cologne, Copenhagen, Paris, Milan, Madrid and Stockholm. Founded in 2012, Divimove develops and produces multi-platform online video formats, branded and original content for leading international brands, platforms and broadcasters. The company manages Europe’s biggest network of social influencers, with over 1,500 partners in eight European markets, generating a combined total of more than 3.5 billion views per month on YouTube. The digital studio UFA X, the Scandinavian online video network United Screens and MESH Collective, an extracurricular youth education initiative, have been part of Divimove since 2019.

More information on www.divimove.com


Natalie Tideström Heidmark, CEO of United Screens and Nicolin Lillhage, COO and Deputy CEO of United Screens

Natalie Tideström Heidmark, CEO of United Screens

Nicolin Lillhage, COO and Deputy CEO of United Screens

Tobias Schiwek, CEO of Divimove