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How we create
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We have a team of creative experts and Project Managers who are ready to help you and your brand to create and deliver campaigns through influencers, so called influencer marketing.

What we offer is to create a campaign where we work with one or many influencers, where the influencer talk about your brand, product or service in a trustworthy and impactful way in a Youtube video, on an Instagram post, in their pod, blog or any other way we find suitable.

We have a top of the line process that involves you as the client through the campaign, which includes: Insights of the campaign, creative concept including influencers, legal and rights, production, publication and follow up.

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BIC Soleil Bella

With Soleil Bella, their most technically advanced female razor, Bic wanted to reach out to Nordic women in the ages 18-34. They wanted to increase brand awareness, and in line with their work in sustainability they also wanted to communicate that disposables does not equal one time usage.

We chose ten Nordic influencers with audiences correlating with Bic’s desired target group. The campaign was spread through all social media platforms, making sure that the target group would not miss.

The campaign reached an outstanding result. All 10 youtube videos received more than 1.1 million organic views with an average engagement rate of 5%. The ten posts on Instagram reached 1.2 million unique users. Bic also received great sell out figures. During the campaign period in Sweden, Soleil Bella gained +14% in value and +23% in volume compared to the same period previous year. An absolute success!


Risifrutti has been the obvious and much appreciated choice for Swedes as an energising, tasty snack since the early 90:s. In 2018, the main objective was to increase the awareness and likability of Risifrutti, in a humorous way.

We connected Risifrutti with some of Sweden’s biggest influencers that promoted the campaign, in a comical manner, towards the target group 18 to 24-year olds. The influencers joining were Laki Doris, Wilma & Emil Holmqvist, Tom & Petter and they all made videos for both Youtube and Instagram.

In total the campaign had a massive outreach and gave a very positive impression. The campaign got 26 million impressions, 6.1 million views, 80 thousand reactions and 4000 comments. The brand’s likeability increased with 34% and 36% predicted that they will have a Risifrutti with their friends in the near future.

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