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We are top-of-the line in music and video rights on Youtube!

United Screens Music

We are working with many of the largest artists, musicians, labels and other rights owners on Youtube, where we help them to control and monetize their rights online.

With our team of experts you will limit the uncontrolled spreading of your rights on Youtube and other platform, and in the same time make sure that your content is optimized for your fans to enjoy by viewing or listen to.

Music rights

Do you own music rights, such as publishing and composition rights, sound recordings or music videos? Our team of digital rights experts will help you take control of your rights and ensure that your material is used in the way you want, and collect the revenues stemming from your material.

Video rights

Do you have a video that you’ve recorded or own the rights to? Our specialists will help you take control so the videos are used the way you want and that all the revenue for your rights goes to you, or that copies are kept non-commercial, or even blocked.

Digital Rights Certified

All of our team members working with digital rights have been educated and certified by Google. Working with YouTubes rights system Content ID demands great knowledge about the system but also experience about digital rights in general.

Some artists we are working with

If you want to get in contact with any of these artists, please send an e-mail to artist@unitedscreens.com and specify which one you want to come in contact with.

Some of our clients

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