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At the core United Screens connects premium influencers, creators and artists with world leading clients through effective AdSpace campaigns on Youtube and creative influencer marketing, on all online video platforms.

Since the start we have reached out to engaged people regardless if you define yourself as a youtuber, influencer, musician, advertiser or holder of digital rights. Today we have Nordic presence, with our headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Our offerings for advertisers

AdSpace on Youtube

Each week, 29 million ads are shown within our premium network on Youtube, the majority in the ages 18-44! Our ad space product is perfect for you as an advertiser who wants to reach out with your video commercials in a premium and brand safe environment on Youtube.

Influencer marketing campaigns

We have carried out hundreds of influencer marketing campaigns with many of the largest influencers in the Nordics’. Our dedicated team connects clients with the most suitable influencers according to the campaign objectives and purpose.

Content production

Need help with producing commercials, Youtube ads, Instagram ads or anything else within online video? We have an innovative production department with expertise in online video and social media, who are ready to tailor your production based on your goals.

Client cases

Santa Maria
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Some influencers and creators
we are working with

Gabriel ”Ett Gott Land” Jonsson
Spartan Girls
Clara Henry
Mikael Renwall
Sara Songbird
Josefine Caarle
Ellinor & Jimmy
Hampus Hedström

Latest news from us

Georg Herlitz CEO for United Screens Music 990 595 United Screens
Georg Herlitz CEO for United Screens Music

Georg Herlitz is announced CEO for United Screens Music, the largest music network on Youtube in the Nordics, effective from 1st of January 2020. Georg Herlitz has been with United Screens since 2014 and has built up the music business of the company. Now he is announced as CEO for United Screens subsidiary United Screens Music. 

K-391, Alan Walker, Tungevaag and Mangoo release the track “Play” to inspire upcoming producers to start working with music 3500 3500 United Screens
K-391, Alan Walker, Tungevaag and Mangoo release the track “Play” to inspire upcoming producers to start working with music

Today, the 30th of August is the official release date of “Play”, a brand new track created by the DJs…

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