Influencer campaign with production of commercials and advertising on Youtube

United Screens created the campaign ”Cetaphil moment” together with Cetaphil and AdOn. The objective of the campaign was to inspire and encourage young women to take care of themselves, both physically and mentally. Cetaphil was matched with four credible influencers who did influencer marketing campaign both on Youtube and on Instagram to their followers within the target group women 18-34.

In addition to the influencer marketing campaign, United Screens produced three video commercials that was spread within United Screens premium network on Youtube for additional reach to the campaign. Cetaphil launched a campaign site together with Spotify where one could listen to playlists according to specific ”Cetaphil moments”.

The videos in the influencer marketing campaign engaged the viewers! 3 out of 4 videos had a higher level of engagement rate compared to their previous videos.

Influencer campaign

Cetaphil was matched with four credible influencers with the target group women 18-34. The influencers joining in for the campaign were Rebecca Stella, Josefine Caarle, Felicia Bergström and Mimi Höglin, who all ran the campaign on their Youtube and Instagram. On Youtube, the campaign received more than 160,000 views and a total of 3,750 comments – and the numbers continue to grow. On Instagram, Cetaphil’s campaign message had a high reach since the viewers loved the content!

Spotify campaign site

Together with Spotify, Cetaphil also launched a campaign site where one could listen to playlists for specific occasions and ”Cetaphil moments”. Some of the influencers also created their own playlists that their followers could listen to for specific moments and activities – a perfect way to inspire and activate the target group. Both the profiles and the viewers appreciated the theme ”Take care of yourself”. Many followers have written dedicated comments where they thank the influencers for the inspiration.

Content production

For the last part of the campaign, United Screens also produced three video commercials that was spread as 20 seconds non-skippable ads within United Screens brand safe and premium network on Youtube. This part of the campaign was crucial for additional reach and credibility. In total, the video commercials received more than 790,000 impressions, which is more than the expected reach with 787,800 impressions. Curious about the video results? See all the commercials further down on this page!



In total, the campaign got more than 1 million organic views!



Four different influencers participated in the influencer campaign!



3 out of 4 videos had a higher level of engagement than the influencers average videos.

Content productions

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