Production: Youtube commercials for EF

EF reached out to us at United Screens with the desire to highlight some of their language courses in an attractive and playful way. EF wanted to reach out to three different age groups within their chosen target group.

We at United Screens recorded and produced three unique videos to spread as Youtube commercials. All videos were recorded and edited by United Screens in a creative way according to EF’s brand associations and directives. Using a variety of cutting speed and content, the videos were seamlessly woven together in a modern and engaging manner.

”All the produced video commercials was adapted according to the target group and had a consistent style throughout all the sequences.”

Targeted audiences

The target groups that EF wanted to reach was in the ages between 14-24 and 25+. EF wanted to highlight that language courses provides both new summer experiences and new contacts with people from other cultures and that language courses makes you learn languages abroad, while you experience a lot of new things.

Recording setup

United Screens production team recorded the commercials in London, New York, San Diego and Los Angeles, which is some of EF’s language course destinations.  The commercials that was recorded had the main focus in adventure and studying, and mixed up with a lot of positive and joyful sequences. United Screens production for EF included pre-production and script, project management, recording, editing, grading, audio mix and delivery in desired format.

Commercial details

In all the commercials, United Screens production team synchronized camera movements and compositions so that the sequences perceived as seamless, from start to finish to create a vibrant and modern feeling in the videos and to create a consistent presence of EF’s brand. EF wanted United Screens to produce positive and colorful videos that had an inspiring appearance. Therefore, the content in the commercials were adapted according to the target group and had a consistent style throughout all the videos.

Commercial for EF produced
by United Screens

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