United Screens Creator Studio
A modern studio meeting your needs, free for you creators!

A creative studio space

United Screens Creator Studios are open and free studio spaces located in our offices in Stockholm and Oslo. If you are creating and maintaining content on an open platform, such as Youtube, Instagram, blog or pod, you can use the studio spaces according to your needs. And, they’re free of charge!

The studio spaces are open for all creators, regardless of network, which means that you don’t have to be part of United Screens network in order to use them.

Book the studios by sending an email to creatorstudio@unitedscreens.com. Read the Creator Studio Guidelines in prior to using the studios.

Resources in the studio


We have a range of cameras and lamps for taking your production to the next level. Both cameras and lightning are excellent for both video recording and photo shootings.


We provide microphones suitable for video recordings, but also for recording podcasts. The different microphones in the studios are handheld, clip-ons and with soundproof surrounding.


The studios are great resources if you want to record something against a green screen, take nice press photos or similar. We have different backdrops according to your needs!