Video advertising on Youtube
Let your video advertising be shown in premium environment!

Premium reach

Our ad space product is perfect for you as an advertiser who wants to reach out with your video commercial on Youtube. Your video ads will be placed in our premium network on content that the viewers return to and love.

Brand safe

All our video ad placements are brand safe, and you are the only advertiser on that particular surface. We offer all available Youtube ad formats, such as pre-roll, mid-roll, skippable and bumper ad.

Precise targeting

You can choose your target group by gender, age, geographical locations, and even more specific. We have over 600 million organic views each month, the majority in the ages 18-44.

Ad space showreel

United Screens has run hundreds of successful online video campaigns for advertisers. Some of the most appreciated advantages is that your commercial will always be shown as the single ad without competition from other advertisers. The guaranteed viewability is at least 91%, where the IAB recommendation for viewability is at least 50%.

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